Where there’s Hope there’s Healing.

Having gotten so used to typing directly on to the computer,  I become pleasantly amused when a pen magically materialises in my hand mere moments after I had voiced this thought  “I really must start writing!”  It comes as an order almost.

And so I do………

The muse has been summoned – albeit briefly!  Truth is I have so many creative aspirations floating through my mind.  So many different mediums calling out to me.  They always have done, and I’ve always managed to multi-task my way through them…….However, it’s become increasingly apparent to me as of late that keeping up with this blog is perhaps not serving the purpose it once aspired to.  It’s been 5 years since I started it – as a follow up to the book – a way of being available to anyone that needed help through the world of cancer.  I always maintained that if I could help only one person, then that was the mission accomplished…..Well – it’s been ‘one’ many times over and long may that continue in whatever form.  Thing is – it all takes time and effort to actually pull a blog together – a positive one that is – one posted in the spirit of positivity which is my aim.  When I’m not feeling good physically, words do not want to make it on the page.  Fortunately, I recognise that I have been in that ‘transitional state of being’, wherein a new regime is germinating, and with that a need to reflect rather than express.

So here’s a quick catch-up.     It’s been over a month since I left the ‘Oasis of Hope‘ in Mexico  http://www.oasisofhope.com. following  a 10 day stay to receive the Dendritic cell – immunotherapy treatment that I first had 2 years ago.  As always it’s a blessing to be taken care of by the doctors, nurses and staff.  Finding Dr. Contreras on site was an added bonus since he travels so much in an effort to keep current with the latest advances. He is about to embark on a trip to Russia to investigate the groundbreaking options of ‘nanotechnology’  which would also drastically reduce the need to use so many supplements.  Talking of which, after the dendritic cell treatment I came off all supplements and the 2 medications (metformin and letrozole) for a 3 week period.  It was so good to not have to swallow any pills for once, and trust that I wasn’t going to keel over.  Staying at the clinic was indeed a welcome break – a magical oasis really where HOPE comes on tap.  I took a collection of my glass angels that I’ve painted over a 20 year period now, and was able to show them as part of sharing my own story to hopefully inspire others.

Before Mexico, it was the mountains of Crestone Colorado:

…having organised an art exhibition for my sister Deborah’s  ‘Children of the world’.  The highlight being together with the amazing peace activist Satish Kumar, who was keynote speaker at the Shumei International Institute’s anniversary

Following that we went to Santa Fe and Taos, retracing a journey we took after my father´s death over twenty five years ago…..Again- another trip down memory lane with time to appreciate the fabulous art in the South West.

After Mexico, an impromptu visit to Los Angeles where dear friends understood my need to lie low and continue resting…

So….needless to say after so much travelling, I am still in the ‘rest’ mode and because of the heat, have opted not to join Javier in Spain.  His health is so much better and even though I miss him, we are used to time apart so c’est la vie………. And since I am awaiting a consultation for the lympocintigraphy test for lymphoedema, it all makes sense for me to clip my wings temporarily, and appreciate the here and now.

Luckily for me, my windows onto the world of seabirds brings an impressive collection of wings – a daily reminder of their tremendous ability to navigate through the elements.  Just like the angels that insist on my attention, they help me to appreciate these ‘chapters of being’, and in these quiet reflective moments I hear whispers on the wind…………….

………………………………..Where there’s hope, there’s healing!